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Familiar Faces//Willow and Cecily

Dreary. Today was dreary. Which meant no one was going to be coming into the bookstore/cafe that Willow had somehow finagled the manager into giving her a job at. Nothing was official, because she didn’t have her official papers yet, so she was getting paid under the table. But the owner knew her from the local university she attended, and Willow was desperate for any kind of income. That nice little cot her and Tara had moved in to wasn’t going to pay for itself, especially since her savings had been running kinda low. Luckily, a quick call to grandmother had given Willow’s account a boost of money. At least someone in her family still cared about her and whether or not she went to school and had money. Sighing, Willow stuffed another book back onto the shelf; alphabetizing books came last, as Glen had explained it. “We’re a cafe first,” Willow repeated his words. “A book store on the side. We serve the coffee and provide the atmosphere.” Willow chuckled to herself and shook her head. “Only on slow days do we organize books.”

The doors jingled and Willow, being back behind some shelves, called out to the customer. “Be right with you!” then she realized they might only speak Italian and called out, “Subito da te!” which was basically the same thing, but in Italian. There was a muffled answer and Willow was relieved to pick out that it was indeed in English. As much as she loved new cultures and being in a historical world center, it was nice to speak her native language every once in a while.

Lifting herself from the floor, and dusting herself off, she scooted the pile of books she been alphabetizing off to the side, and made her way around the shelves. Today, Willow wore a simple outfit- an olive green skirt with a yellowish shirt, decorated with graphic designs of sepia toned colours. And a name tag, that read ‘Willow Rosenberg, Associate/Barrista’. As she came around the corner, she spotted someone waiting idly by the cafe counter. They had long black hair that showered down  their back like a black waterfall, perfectly unperfect. Willow felt a tingling sensation at the beauty of this woman standing in her shop, and also felt a bit of guilt. She took in a breath and scolded herself internally before clearing her throat and coming around the counter.

"Sorry about that wait. I was doing some cleaning in the back," she stated, smiling brightly at her first customer of the day. "What can I do for you today-?" she started, then stopped, and tilted her head curiously. "Hey, don’t I know you?" she asked, then it clicked in her head. "Oh my gosh, Cecily!?" she exclaimed, recognizing a fellow wicca member from her wiccan group at university. She hadn’t seen her in a while, seeing as the semester was out for summer (even though Willow had only been going there for a few weeks). "Long time no see! How are you?" she asked brightly, excited to see an old face. As much as she liked spending time with the usual Scoobies, Willow had always enjoyed meeting other wiccans. Besides Tara, there really weren’t many magically inclined friends around her, and Cecily was one of the nicest, sweetest wiccans a person could meet.

Coming around the corner, Willow hugged Cecily lightly. “You want anything? It’s on the house, cause, you know, I work here and all!” she exclaimed excitedly.

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